First 'Ben-Hur' Reboot Trailer Arrives

Ben-Hur Trailer -Screen Shot- H 2016
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures International

Jack Huston and Morgan Freeman star in the remake of 1959 William Wyler epic.

Ben-Hur takes sibling rivalry to a whole new extreme.

The first trailer for the long-gestating reboot of the epic 1959 William Wyler film sees Jack Huston in the famous Charlton Heston role, as the infamous nobleman turned slave who seeks vengeance on his usurping adoptive brother, played by Toby Kebbell.

The two decide to settle their differences in the only way two brothers in biblical-era Rome could: with a chariot race. 

Morgan Freeman stars as Ben-Hur's mentor, who sponsors and trains him for the monumental race, which we get a brief look at in the trailer.

Having a brother can be annoying, having a brother in ancient Rome can be deadly. Ben-Hur hits theaters August 12.

Watch the trailer below.