First 'Exodus' TV Spot Focuses on Moses Threatening Ramses, Angry Crocodiles

Kerry Brown/20th Century Fox
'Exodus: Gods and Kings'

"Something is coming that is out of my control"

If you ask us, any movie could be improved by a crocodile-attack scene.

With the theatrical release of director Ridley Scott's biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings less than two months away, viewers are getting a look at the film's first TV spot. 

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The trailer highlights the conflict between Moses (Christian Bale) and Ramses (Joel Edgerton), with the former promising plenty of plagues to come.

"Something is coming that is out of my control," Moses says in a very foreboding voice. And he's not just talking a big game, as the trailer indeed shows scores of locusts, the menacing Red Sea and even an angry croc. 

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Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and Aaron Paul co-star in the film, which 20th Century Fox is releasing Dec. 12.

The TV trailer can be seen below.

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