First Look: Chinese Director Han Yan Goes Cyber-Punk for 'Dream Breaker' (Exclusive Image)

Dream Breaker - H 2017
Jetavana Entertainment

The Jetavana Entertainment film features a story about love, adventure and digital culture targeted at Chinese millenials.

Jetavana Entertainment, the Beijing-based studio positioning itself as China's answer to Lionsgate — with an emphasis on stylish YA fare for Middle Kingdom millennials — has big hopes for its forthcoming cyber punk action flick, Dream Breaker.

Directed by Han Yan (LeTV drama series The House That Never Dies), the film stars actress Chen Duling as a young woman who must fight her way through a mysterious, holographic game world designed by her late father to avenge his death. Rising star Song Weilong plays the love interest, while the provocative Japanese filmmaker, actor and artist Sion Sono executive produces.

"The film has an immersive visual style that is partly an homage to Blade Runner but also a unique contemporary Chinese aesthetic," says Ivy Zhong, founder and CEO of Jetavana. "It's something that hasn't really been done before. With hot young actors in a story about adventure, love and digital culture, this is the perfect film for China's post-1990s generation."

The film is targeting a release in Fall 2017.