First Look: Jason Momoa Travels to 'Sugar Mountain' (Exclusive)

Cary Elwes also stars in the Richard Gray-directed survivial film.

Jason Momoa is on a mission in The Hollywood Reporter's first look at Sugar Mountain.

The Aquaman star heads from the sea to the Alaskan wilderness for the survival tale, which also stars Cary Elwes.

Sugar Mountain follows two brothers, crippled by debt, who fake a disappearance in the Alaskan wilderness.

The Richard Gray-directed film was shot on-location in Alaska.

“Filming in a place like Alaska with such a talented cast was a dream come true. The screenplay really sung and the shoot itself was such an adventure, stunning yet brutal, we’re very excited to show it off," said Gray. 

Film Mode Entertainment is selling worldwide rights and screening the film for buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Starting from a mesmerizing script, to a powerfully talented cast in front of the camera and an amazingly adept force behind it, Sugar Mountain has all the makings of a global commercial success that will keep audiences around the world on the edge of their seats to the very end,” said Clay Epstein, president of Film Mode.