First Look: Jude Law in Paolo Sorrentino's 'The Young Pope'

The Young Pope First Look - H - 2015
Sky, HBO, Wildside 2015

The new TV series features the actor as the first American Pope, with very conservative, controversial politics.

Academy Award-winner Paolo Sorrentino’s new TV series, The Young Pope, started shooting earlier this month in Rome.

The joint production of Sky, HBO and Canal+ released the first image, which shows two time Academy Award-nominee Jude Law as Lenny Belardo, Pope Pius XIII relaxing in the sun.

The typically Sorrentino image manages to glamorize the highest position in the Catholic Church, placing Law in designer sunglasses in a relaxed pose beneath the Roman sun, seemingly suited more for a beach lounger than a Vatican seat.

In The Young Pope, Law plays the first American Pope, with very conservative, controversial politics.

Sorrentino has described the show as “The inner struggle between the huge responsibility of the head of the Catholic Church and the miseries of the simple man that fate (or the Holy Spirit) chose as Pontiff. Finally, how to handle and manipulate power in a state whose dogma and moral imperative is the renunciation of power and selfless love towards one’s neighbor."

All eight episodes of the series will broadcast on Sky Atlantic in Italy, Germany, Austria, the U.K. and Ireland. The cast also includes Academy Award-winner Diane Keaton, Academy Award-nominee James Cromwell, Toni Bertorelli, Javier Camara, Silvio Orlando, Scott Shepherd, Cecile de France and Ludivine Sagnier