First Look: National Geographic Channel's 'Brain Games' Trailer (Exclusive)

The Jason Silva-hosted game show returns July 14.

National Geographic Channel's Brain Games is unveiling more of life's mysteries.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first look at the new trailer for the Emmy nominated series (see below).

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The trailer follows the unique style of 32-year-old host Jason Silva's "Shots of Awe" viral videos that explore the miracles of life.

"I'm really excited about this campaign because we really went wild," Silva says of the promo, which was shot on a rooftop. "The riff usually involves me pontificating about different themes that Brain Games explores. That's really what we're focused on this time."

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Silva explains the concept behind Brain Games between several VFX shots: "[We] show you that what you see is not always what you get."

The game show looks at the science behind the mysteries of why we eat, feel and act as we do, devoting full episodes to topics of risk, language, addiction and food.

Earlier this year, the second season debuted episodes that explored themes of attraction, trust and competition. As the season continues, the show promises to further explore the complexities of the human brain, using a series of experiments, illusions and man-on-the-street demonstrations.

Brain Games returns July 14 on National Geographic Channel.