Exclusive First Look: Utah's Secluded Amangiri Resort Adding New Residences (BMW and Private Jet Included)

Courtesy of Selldorf Architects

The Hollywood-flocked resort is adding 36 houses -- ranging from 6,200 to 9,800 square feet on minimum 2-acre lots -- selling from $7.5 million to $15 million apiece.

This story first appeared in the April 4 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

A luxury residential project that involved an act of Congress to come to fruition? That's The Mesa at Amangiri in southern Utah, a new collection of residences found in some of the most jaw-dropping territory of the American West.

"Then-President George W. Bush approved a swap with nearby land so that the resort could situate them in exactly the best spots," says Nick Segal, president of Partners Trust, which handles sales and marketing for the residences. Call it a case of the ultimate location: Set on 600 acres of dramatic desert near the Four Corners, the site includes the Amangiri resort that opened in 2009. It's known as the most secluded hotel in the country, an extravagantly minimalist retreat (rooms from $1,100 a night) that attracts such seclusion seekers as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Gordon Ramsay and The Newsroom producer Alan Poul as well as legions of Aman Resorts obsessives -- people who only stay at its exclusive collection of 27 pristine retreats scattered throughout the world.

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The draw in Utah is the great outdoors, with Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon all within striking distance. "Hiking the slot canyons and washing the dust off in that pool was pretty incredible," says recent guest Matt Jacobson, Facebook head of market development.

Now, that sense of secluded luxury is being translated into homes, the first of which is completed. The project will include 36 houses -- ranging from 6,200 to 9,800 square feet on minimum two-acre lots -- selling from $7.5 million to $15 million apiece. Each will come with a BMW X5 (all in a deep brown to complement the landscape), 100 hours of private jet time (landing in Page, Ariz., 25 minutes away) and access to the resort, which is nearby yet out of view.

"When you have a house in this extremely dramatic landscape, we wanted to be very careful to set the villas in such a way that residents get a sense of utmost privacy, but also with a feeling of community. I didn't want this to be too isolated," says Annabelle Selldorf of Selldorf Architects, whose projects include Hauser & Wirth galleries in London and New York.

The homes share a minimalist high-end approach with local stone, areas flooded with light and other parts designed for shade. The overall design works in concert with the knockout views rather than competing with them. "Aman Resorts are known for being very calm and quiet," says Selldorf. "That's what we've done with every villa, but mostly, that's what you get at this unforgettable location."

Exclusive first look at the Amangiri houses. As shown in these renderings (above), Amangiri houses, like the nearby resort, countour with the area's topography. Click photo to enlarge.