First Look: Wellness Club The Remedy Place Wants to Detox Your Social Life

The Remedy Place -  Madeline Tolle - Publicity-H 2019
Madeline Tolle

This new West Hollywood joint (offering a private IV lounge, adaptogenic cocktails, hyperbaric chamber and more) aims to be the Soho House of wellness.

Imagine if, instead of meeting in a conference room at NeueHouse or over a Picante at Soho House, you were a member of a club where you could take a conference call in a hyperbaric chamber; brainstorm with your team in an infrared sauna; catch up on emails in a private IV lounge; or meet at the bar for an adaptogenic alcohol-free cocktail?

That’s the idea behind Remedy Place, a new social wellness club set to open Tuesday in West Hollywood. “I wanted to create a place where your social life could be enhanced by a healthy lifestyle, rather than being sacrificed as a result,” says founder Dr. Jonathan Leary, a celebrity wellness guru whose clients include a mix of professional athletes, high-powered CEOs and actors such as Julianne Hough and Freida Pinto.  

Designed around what Leary believes to be the seven elements of balance — Mind, Oxygen, Movement, Nutrients, Cold, Heat and Compression — the zen-meets-luxury space aims to provide a 360-degree approach to holistic health from the moment a visitor walks in. Eschewing the traditional minimalism of wellness destinations, the club is all warm Venetian plaster walls and lush velvet drapes; the lighting system has been designed to limit blue light (which can inhibit rest and relaxation); and the sound system plays an underlying soundtrack of a combination of 7.83hz (which, at the frequency of the Earth, is grounding) and 40hz sound frequencies (which stimulates gamma brainwave activity).

Dr. Leary, who was previously only available to private clients, will be on hand at the club, open seven days a week, along with a "head of mind" (rather than a club manager) and a team of "wellness warriors." This includes recovery specialists who create custom programs; wellness and naturopathic doctors to carry out testing and blood analyses; nurse practitioners to administer custom IV blends; and nutritional bartenders who mix up bespoke tonics. While all of the services are offered a la carte, there is also a menu of packages to address specific stressors. The Post-LAX package is designed to reset and re-balance after travel with a combination of hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, infrared sauna and an ice bath with breath work. The Morning After combats hangovers with a mix of cryotherapy, infrared sauna and a lymphatic drainage massage. And the Rest Day protocol mixes cryotherapy, movement therapy and hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy. 

There also is a studio with a full schedule of group mediation, yoga and breathwork classes; a nutritional bar with a menu of healthy, locally sourced, all-natural food and alcohol-free beverages; and, of course, a lounge where members can work and hang out. Monthly membership ($495) includes unlimited cryotherapy, meditation and stretch classes; one hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, infrared sauna or lymphatic drainage massage per month; one IV treatment per month; and curated weekly programming from leading industry experts, including chats, workshops, educational seminars and social mixers. Non-members can also book in for services, take classes and use the bar and lounge.

“Remedy Place is the manifestation of my life’s work,” says Leary. “I want people to take back control, to utilize incredible technologies that exist today to keep their bodies in a healthy state of balance and through preventative care that counteracts these modern stressors.”

Remedy Place, 8305 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. For more information on membership and services, visit