First Media's BabyFirst TV Expands to Latin America (Exclusive)

BabyFirst TV-Harry the Bunny-Publicity-H 2019
First Media’s BabyFirst

The multiplatform content publisher has signed distribution deals to expand its baby-focused network to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Multiplatform content publisher First Media has signed distribution deals with five Latin American partners to expand the BabyFirst network into the region.

The five distributors are Sky Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; Totalplay Mexico; Cable Onda Panama; Cable and Wireless Caribbean (Curacao, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad); and Caribbean Cooperative.

The move will make BabyFirst programming available on PayTV in neutral Spanish, adding to the 12 other languages BabyFirst currently offers. The network is also distributed in Asian territories, including China.

BabyFirst produces and distributes content for babies, intended to develop an infant's skills, such as color recognition, counting and vocabulary. The network has produced over 90 original shows and produces over 90 percent of its content in-house, reaching more than 60 million homes in the U.S. and garnering more than 550 million monthly impressions on social media.

Now, as part of its expansion, BabyFirst is making over 50 hours of content in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese available on demand, across OTT platforms and on Preschool Mobile apps in Latin America. The programmer is also adding a block of content on broadcast and digital broadcast channels targeted at preschoolers.

“BabyFirst’s programming is both educational and fun for children and their parents but most importantly, BabyFirst’s shows translate well in other markets,” said First Media CEO Guy Oranim.

“Bringing this channel into new territories is a big focus for us and we’re excited to see the response from Latin American broadcasters for baby-focused programming,” he added.