Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler' Character Looking for a Job (Video)

Ruven Afanador

UPDATED: The actor is shown seeking employment outside, in a newsroom, in a studio and on TV in what appears to be a viral ad for his upcoming indie, being distributed by Open Road Films.

The first video of Jake Gyllenhaal as his Nightcrawler character has debuted online.

The clip was posted on YouTube by a user named "Louis Bloom," the name of Gyllenhaal's character in the film. In the video, which is less than a minute, Gyllenhaal is shown making a pitch for a job while talking about the climate for job seekers.

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"Excuse me sir, I'm looking for a job," Gyllenhaal's character says in the video. "In fact, I've made up my mind to find a career that I can learn and grow into. Who am I? I'm a hard worker, I set high goals and I've been told I'm persistent. Now, I'm not fooling myself, sir. Having been raised with the self-esteem movement so popular in schools, I used to expect my needs to be considered. But I know that today's work culture no longer caters to the job loyalty that could be promised to earlier generations. What I believe is that good things come to those who work their asses off and that good people, such as yourself, who reach the top of the mountain didn't just fall there. My motto is: If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket."

Gyllenhaal is shown making his pitch, talking to the camera outside, in a news studio, in the newsroom and on TV, ending the clip by screaming his final line and pointing his finger at the camera on TV.

Throughout the video, Gyllenhaal is sporting the clothes, emaciated look and hairstyle he adopted for the film, as shown in photos of him filming the indie last fall.

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The video is also connected to a Craigslist posting by a "Louis Bloom" headlined "Hard worker seeking employment."

In the ad, which includes a link to the YouTube clip, described as his "video résumé," Bloom again says he's looking for employment and cites his skills, including willingness to "work nights."

Nightcrawler co-stars Rene Russo and Bill Paxton. Dan Gilroy directed and wrote the screenplay. Gyllenhaal, who's also producing the film, plays an L.A. reporter who stumbles upon the world of crime journalism. While making the movie, he made headlines for his dramatic weight loss and the hand injury he suffered when he broke a mirror while filming a scene.

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Open Road Films is distributing Nightcrawler, which is set to hit theaters on Oct. 17.

Watch the video below.