FishBowl Animated Series 'The Potts' Debuts (Exclusive Video)

FishBowl Worldwide Media
"The Potts"

“How I Met Your Mother” EP Chuck Tatham collaborates with animator Todd Goldman on the web project.

Could reality TV have found its newest stars? That’s what the animated family of The Potts is hoping.

In the first episode of the series, the reality tv-obsessed Potts clan attempts to tape an accident for an America’s Funniest Home Videos-style program. Surely nothing could go wrong with this plan.

The pilot from FishBowl Worldwide Media was written and produced by How I Met Your Mother executive producer Chuck Tatham, with animation from David & Goliath founder and illustrator Todd Goldman.

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“The Potts captures today’s hunger for reality TV fame by showcasing a family willing to do whatever it takes to get their own 15 minutes,” said Tatham.“ The collaboration between FishBowl Worldwide Media, Todd Goldman and the and the great cast of original, funny characters really brings the concept to life in a sweet, humorous way. I'm absolutely thrilled."

The cast includes Dave Coulier and Richard Kind.

"The Potts is a relevant, laugh-out loud short that reflects those we know who will do just about anything to get on reality TV,” Coulier said.  FishBowl Worldwide Media's concept, Chuck Tatham's amusing script and Todd Goldman's animation together made a short that really showcases how silly our quest for fame can be.”

Susan Levison, executive vice president, creative affairs, at FishBowl, said the studio is weighing options for the future of The Potts, which could include pitching the series to TV networks or giving it an expanded life online.

Watch the video below.