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The Hollywood Reporter: Why hasn't the "Law & Order" franchise earned more Emmys?

Dick Wolf: Because the show has always been a black four-door Mercedes sedan and not a red Maserati.When (procedurals) are done properly, it just looks like real life. However, as in all art, simplicity and telling the truth are always the most difficult achievements.
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THR: What are you most proud of in the 20-year history of the franchise?

Wolf: That from Day 1 the show challenged the audience and the audience rose to the challenge.

THR: Will the L.A. "Law & Order" be similar in style and format?

Wolf: It's a sibling. There is shared DNA but the new show will have its own unique identity.

THR: Who has been your biggest inspiration over the years?

Wolf: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

THR: What would you say is the most common misconception about you?

Wolf: That I'm an a** hole.
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