Five titles likely to heat up chilly Berlin


"Henry's Crime"

Keanu Reeves stars as Henry, a hapless participant in an ill-conceived bank heist who ends up in jail after refusing to offer up the names of his fellow thieves. Upon his release he decides to return to a life of crime, hatching an outlandish plan to rob a the bank while simultaneously playing the lead role in the theater next door and falling for his female lead, played by "Up in the Air's" Vera Farmiga.

International sales: Parlay Film

"The Hairdresser"

A feel-good comedy about a plus-sized fortysomething single mother who takes over a salon, "The Hairdresser" is veteran director Doris Doerrie's first film since her sleeper hit "Cherry Blossoms," which screened in competition in Berlin in 2008 before becoming one of Germany's biggest hits that year.

International sales: Fortissimo Films

"Of Gods and Men"

Director Xavier Beauvois' follow-up to his 2005 Cesar Award-winner "Le petit lieutenant," "Of Gods and Men" tells the tale of eight French monks living in the Maghreb who rely on their faith to combat a group of terrorists who turn up on their doorstep.

International sales: Wild Bunch


From Asia's prolific Scud, who counts auteurs like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Stanley Kubrick as major influences, comes this unique tale of two men -- one gay, one straight -- who share the drug-fueled belief that the platonic love they feel for one another can help them overcome any obstacle.

International sales: Media Luna New Films

"Frankie and Alice"

Based on the true story of one woman's fight with multiple personality disorder, Halle Berry stars as Frankie, a go-go dancer in 1970s Los Angeles whose existence is threatened by Alice, the violent, white racist personality who hates everything about Frankie and tries to destroy her. Stellan Skarsgard co-stars as the doctor who tries to save her.

Inter­­national sales: Cinesavvy