How Alison Brie Perfected Her British Accent for 'Five-Year Engagement' (Video)

The "Community" actress talks to THR about her character's scene-stealing speech in Universal’s upcoming romantic comedy.

There are a lot of funny moments in The Five-Year Engagement, Universal’s upcoming romantic comedy starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. But if there’s one scene-stealer in the film, it would have to be Alison Brie.

The American actress, who stars on Community, plays the sister of Blunt’s character in the film, which was written by Segel and Nicholas Stoller (who also directs the film).

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Because Blunt’s character, Violet, is British, Brie had to have a British accent in order to play her sister. As fate would have it, Brie had been listening to CD’s about creating a British accent in her car on the way to work.

"I had been working on a British accent prior to getting a call about this project sort of for no reason,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

She got a call to do a table read for Five-Year Engagement, but they said there was one stipulation: she had to have a British accent for the role.

“Well then this is fate because I had been working on one literally in case something came up,” she says.

After she got the job, she focused more on matching Blunt’s specific accent. “I didn’t want to just be doing a general British accent. I wanted us to really sound like sisters,” she says.

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Brie, who also stars as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, says she focused on the cadence of Blunt’s speech. “I have an older sister, we talk to same, we have the same mannerism is our speech,” Brie says.

The actress not only had a recording of Blunt telling a story, but said she also “stalked her on set.”

“I just kind of listened to her,” she says. “There’s a lot of mimicking going on.”

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The romantic comedy follows a newly engaged couple (Segel and Blunt) who struggle to make it down the aisle. It opens in theaters on April 27.

Brie’s character Suzie is not only Violet’s best friend, but also her maid of honor for her upcoming nuptials. In an early scene in the movie, Suzie has to give a speech at the engagement party, and Brie’s performance becomes one of the funniest moments in the film

“It was a little nerve-wracking shooting any of the scenes when we would do toasts because it really felt like when it was your turn, you would go up, and you were performing for the entire cast,” she says.

Watch THR's interview with Brie in the video above.

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