'Fixer' up for Gewirtz at ABC


"Inside Man" writer Russell Gewirtz and the TV arm of Imagine Entertainment, which produced the hit movie, have teamed for "The Fixer," a drama project that has landed at ABC with a premium script commitment.

The one-hour, from 20th Century Fox TV and studio-based Imagine TV, centers on a female PR executive who is wired into the highest levels of power in New York and works as a fixer, discreetly solving problems for the city's business, political and media elite.

"What she does is much more complicated than PR, or, as she calls it, getting your client to wear the right color lipstick," Gewirtz said. "PR in her case stands for private relations."

The character is not unlike Madeleine White of "Inside Man," played in the movie by Jodie Foster. It is an expansion into the research Gewirtz did for the creation of that character.

"It's not a continuation of the story in 'Inside Man,' " Gewirtz said of "Fixer." "Jodie's character is not fleshed out, you don't know anything about her. This show is about a very specific character — a single mother who is very clever, influential and powerful."

Gewirtz's original idea was to do a show about a female Hollywood agent.

Meanwhile, Imagine TV executives had been looking to develop a series with a morally ambiguous female lead who navigates the halls of power inside New York's world of media, finance and politics.

Because of the Spike Lee-directed caper "Man," which was set in New York, Imagine's film executive Kim Roth put Gewirtz in touch with Imagine TV president David Nevins, and the idea for "Fixer" emerged.

"It seems like a complicated adult female drama with an interesting woman at the center who gets to deal in a gray moral area," Nevins said. "Such complicated female drama should fit well on ABC."

Coincidentally, Gewirtz's only TV writing credit is an ABC drama, Steven Bochco's "Blind Justice."

In addition to writing "Fixer," Gewirtz is executive producing the project with his producing partner/manager Daniel Rosenberg of InVenture Entertainment, who was an executive producer on "Man"; Imagine chairman and "Man" producer Brian Grazer; and Nevins.

Gewirtz, who got his break with "Man," has several feature projects in the works with Imagine. He finished the script for the sequel to "Man," which is targeted as a post-strike movie with Lee and the three stars — Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Foster — on board to reprise their roles. He also is working on a heist comedy set at Trump Tower to be directed by Brett Ratner and to star Eddie Murphy.

Gewirtz is the second "Man" alumni to work on a drama project for Imagine TV. Last year, Lee directed the Imagine TV/20th TV pilot "Shark," which was picked up to series by CBS.

In addition to the premium script commitment for "Fixer," Imagine TV has a series commitment at Fox for a drama about the FBI (HR 8/8).

Gewirtz is repped by CAA, Rosenberg and attorney Patti Felker.