Fixing up a spinoff for 'The Closer'


The biggest drama on cable is eyeing a spinoff. The forces behind TNT's "The Closer," including creator/ executive producer James Duff, are working on a spinoff from the hit cop drama starring Kyra Sedgwick.

TNT confirmed that it has handed out a script order for the spinoff but declined comment on other details.

"Closer" stars Sedgwick as a deputy police chief who has a love-hate relationship with junk food. It's unclear whether the untitled spinoff — referred to in industry circles as "The Fixer" — would focus on an existing "Closer" character or an altogether new one.

Like "Closer," the spinoff hails from Warner Bros. Television and the Shephard/Robin Co.

Duff is co-writing the story with "Closer" co-executive producer Adam Belanoff and Michael Berchem. Duff and Belanoff will co-write the script and also executive produce with Michael M. Robin and Greer Shephard.

"Closer" has become a ratings powerhouse for TNT, setting several cable ratings records, starting with its debut, which in 2005 became the most-watched series premiere on ad-supported cable. The record has since been broken, but "Closer" still ranks No. 3 on that list.

Sedgwick has won a Golden Globe for her role and is up for an Emmy — her third nomination — this month.

TNT is the latest network to explore a spinoff from its top series. CBS spun twice its hit crime drama "CSI." ABC's spinoff from "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," is returning for a second season, while "The Cleveland Show," Fox's spinoff from "Family Guy," launches in midseason. Additionally, NBC is working on a spinoff from "The Office," while Fox and the CW are eyeing potential offshoots from "House" and "Gossip Girl," respectively. (partialdiff)