FKA Twigs Fragrance Plan Was Premature, Says House of Matriarch

FKA Twigs - P 2016
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The singer and Seattle-based bespoke perfumer are both "annoyed by the spoiler" in WWD.

It turns out WWD’s Tuesday morning announcement that FKA Twigs is poised to launch a fragrance was misleading. According to Christi Meshell, founder of Seattle’s House of Matriarch — which the publication noted was collaborating with the singer — "We were not planning to announce anything; Tahliah (Twigs) and I are both annoyed by the spoiler."

There appears to be some significant miscommunication at play. Meshell tells Pret-a-Reporter, "I had a lengthy interview with WWD yesterday under the auspices that they were interested in my journey of creating the House of Matriarch brand. The interview spanned many topics, and we only spoke of Twigs for a minute. [They] promised to circle back with me before running any story. Obviously that was forgotten in the race to grab a headline. It was an error on my part to trust the media with even a little tidbit of information about a diva such as Twigs."

Meshell went on to tell Pret-a-Reporter that it would have been "kosher" to mention Twigs among her bespoke perfumery’s celebrity fans, and "even that there was a collaboration brewing, but it was taken out of that context to create a short bit that could draw from her star power, 'blowing the wad' instead of covering the story behind the information."

As it is, Meshell first presented the singer with her own bespoke fragrance channeled from her song "Two Weeks," in 2014, in a brown alchemy bottle with a handwritten label. More recently, she says, they have been moving toward sharing a "very personal high perfumery creation as a surprise for her fans — a channeled work of liquid music, a compounded high spirit, natural, raw and sacred."

Meshell emphasizes this artistic collaboration is far from a "celebrity fragrance, 99 percent of which have no energetic tie to the artist — they are licensing deals," adding that she’s sad none of the "real magic" made it into WWD’s story. "We are crafting 'high magic' here and that commands a certain level of dignity." In fact, she says, there’s no guarantee this fragrance will ever even be made public. The magical juice is Twigs’ personal fragrance that "she cherishes, and she may choose not to share it with anyone at all. And that would be fine with me."