FKA Twigs Takes a Topless Jog for New Nike Campaign

Courtesy of Nike
FKA Twigs for Nike

The multihyphenate artist serves as creative director and star of the brand's new ads.

FKA Twigs, singer-songwriter/dancer/all-around cool human, dusted off her creative director cap (she served as creative director for a Calvin Klein campaign and video in 2016) for Nike's new "Do You Believe in More?" ads for the brand's Zonal tights. 

Like all projects Twigs tries her hand at, the accompanying photos, music video and open letter go much deeper than the surface level purpose of the ads — which is, presumably, to sell athleticwear. Twelve athletes, including track-and-field star English Garnder, dancer Saskia Horton and Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, were dripping in chunky jewelry and decorated in metallic face paint while they performed in the Jungle Book-esque urban ruins in Mexico City to a soundtrack produced by the artist.

Images from the campaign also show Twigs and the cast dancing and going for a casual topless jog; toplessness appears to be a trend for 2017, as seen in Balmain's spring campaign.  

"When Nike reached out to me about collaborating together on this project, I saw it as an opportunity to inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way," reads the open letter. "'Do you believe in more?' refers to a girl who grew up looking different from everybody else around me, who wanted to do things no one else wanted to do in a small town, who didn't grow up with lots of money, but just had so much determination and hope inside herself. I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted to do everything."

Read the full letter here and watch the video below.