Flaming Lips invoke John Lennon, Miles Davis

Wayne Coyne says new material has uplifting tone

NEW YORK -- There's no timetable for its release just yet, but the Flaming Lips are at work on new music that sounds "something like if John Lennon got together with Miles Davis and they discovered computers," according to frontman Wayne Coyne.

"Sometimes, there's an element of song structure that me and (band member) Steven (Drozd) get really bored of," he continued. "But you can play certain things and the computer f***s with them in a way where it's like, 'Oh, I didn't think of that before.' Even as we speak I get excited. I'm thinking, 'F***! This is going to be cool!' "

Coyne adds that the material has inadvertently taken on a kind of uplifting tone in the early going. "I'd never want to make it sound like 'Imagine,' but some of these songs accidentally fall into that category," he said. "We never want to feel like we've got the answers to the world, while we're quietly going insane on our own level."

The next Lips album, whenever it arrives, will be the follow-up to 2006's "At War With the Mystics," which has sold 207,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

In addition to preparing their long-in-the-works holiday film "Christmas on Mars" for DVD release before year's end, the Lips have three shows left on their summer schedule: July 20 in London, July 23 at Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes Festival and July 26 at the first Pemberton Festival in British Columbia.

The group will also perform Saturday in Los Angeles as part of VH1's "Rock Honors" tribute to the Who, alongside Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, Tenacious D and Incubus.