Flashback Shores Up Production Team (Cannes)

Hungarian firm partners with Andras Erkel and Tony Miller with goal of luring more projects to the country.

Hungarian production service company Flashback is making moves to shore up its position as the country’s premiere production services company and also move into the producing sphere as a production entity.

The banner, run by founder Tamas Zakonyi, who acted as the line producer in Steven Spielberg’s Munich, has partnered with fellow Hungarian Andras Erkel and Tony Miller, with Erkel managing Flashback with Zakonyi and Miller running a new London-based office.

Erkel is the ex-head of Studio Varga, one of Europe’s leading animation houses, and the CEO of Studio Baestarts. Miller is the former head of Natural Nylon, the production company formed by Jude Law, Ewan McGregor and other actors.

The goal of the reconfigured company is to be more effective in working the European production web in order to lure production to Hungary, which has a 20% tax incentive for qualifying project. Erkel has connections in Scandinavia and Germany while Miller the U.K. and the US.

Flashback is in Cannes looking to expand its relationship with movers ranging from producers to financiers to sales agents.

“We are hoping that these puzzle pieces will help us cover more of Europe and the US to being production to Hungary and be a more effective one-stop shop,” said Zakonyi.