'Flashpoint' makes splash for CTV

Cop drama exceeds 1.7 mil viewers on Friday

TORONTO -- CBS' "Flashpoint" has caught fire for co-producer CTV, the Canadian broadcaster that created the cop drama.

"Flashpoint" delivered 1.74 million viewers Friday at 9 p.m. for CTV, up sharply from a week-earlier second-season debut of 1.27 million viewers, according to BBM Nielsen Media Research.

That put the Canadian drama on par with ABC's "Desperate Housewives," which drew 1.64 million viewers on CTV this past week, and NBC's "ER" with 1.62 million viewers.

The last outing for "Flashpoint" also marked the biggest audience for a Canadian drama in a decade, since "Due South," another homegrown crime drama from CTV, aired on CBS during the 1990s.

"Flashpoint," which is set in Toronto and features Canadian actors, also drew 10.38 million viewers for CBS on Friday night, compared with 10.1 million viewers a week earlier on Jan. 12.