'Flight of the Conchords': Revisiting Their Best Music Videos

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The guys are plotting a U.S. tour for later this year.

New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody band are coming back for a U.S. tour later this year, so what better time to revisit Flight of the Conchord's best music videos form their HBO show?

The series ran for two seasons from 2007-2009, with Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie unleashing dozens of in-episode music videos during that time.

Fans generally regarded the first season's songs  as the cream of the crop, but season two had plenty of gems as well. It's nearly impossible to narrow it down to five songs. But that's what we did.

"The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)"
Season 1, episode 1

If you knew nothing about Flight of the Conchords before watching the pilot, the moment in which the guys transitioned to full music mode was as arresting as it was hilarious. 

"Inner City Pressure"
Season 1, episode 2

By episode two, viewers caught on that any genre of music was fair game for the show, with the Emmy-nominated "Inner City Pressure" putting them squarely in 80s synth pop territory. 

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"Hiphopapotamus vs. Rhymenoceros"

Season 1, episode 3

"Other raps me diss me. Say my rhymes are sissy. Why exactly? Be more constructive with your feedback please." Enough said.

"Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor"
Season 2, episode 5

Dave (Arj Barker) made everything better, even if he was part of the problem with that "dance flor bro hoe ratio." 

"We're Both In Love With a Sexy Lady"
Season 2, episode 6

Whether her name is Barbra or Brabra, this song shows why Kristen Wiig is a lady worth fighting over. 

OK! It's your turn. What Conchords videos are on your top five list? Sound off in the comments.

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