'Flight of the Navigator' Star Arrested After Bank Robbery in Canada

'Flight of the Navigator' Still EVERETT H 2016
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Former child actor Deleriyes Joe Cramer, who played David Freeman in the hit 1986 Disney sci-fi film, was arrested and charged with holding up a bank in British Columbia.

Former child actor Deleriyes Joe Cramer, who performed under the name Joey Cramer, has been arrested and charged with robbing a bank in British Columbia, Canada.

According to The Coast Reporter, Cramer, most famous for his leading role in the 1986 Disney sci-fi adventure film Flight of the Navigator, was arrested on May 1 following the robbery on the Scotiabank in Sechelt on April 28.

Cramer, 42, is alleged to held up the bank wearing a disguise comprising of a bandana and a shoulder-length wig. As well as being charged for the charged with the robbery, The Reporter says Cramer was also charged with wearing a disguise with the intent to commit an indictable offense, failing to stop for a peace officer and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The latter two offenses stemming from Cramer's attempt to make a getaway.

"Despite the fact that a disguise was used during the robbery, the suspect was quickly identified by some of our officers, who had recently dealt with him on an unrelated matter," said Constable Harrison Mohr with the Sunshine Coast Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This is not Cramer's first run-in with the law. The Daily Mail reports Cramer's previous legal troubles include cashing fake checks in 2011.

Vancouver-born Cramer's career never really took off despite the success of Flight of the Navigator and his only other notable acting credits include 1986's The Clan Of The Cave Bear and the 1987 television movie Stone Fox.