Flo Rida on the DNC, Influencing Youth and Supporting Vets

The hip-hop superstar will perform at a Got Your 6 event, hosted by Eva Longoria, during the Charlotte convention.

CHARLOTTE- Among a slew of buzzworthy celebrity-driven events at the Democratic National Convention, one of the most noteworthy features Eva Longoria and "Whistle" singer Flo Rida, who will take the stage at Amos' Southend on Wednesday night for a performance benefitting Got Your 6.

The Got Your 6 initiative, announced by first lady Michelle Obama earlier this year and led by the entertainment industry, serves to help U.S. veterans with their reintegration into civilian life after returning home from combat.

"First and foremost, just growing up in my neighborhood, a couple of guys I grew up with were veterans, so it's just a natural thing for me to want to support," Flo Rida tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I also have family members that were in the military."

But the hip-hop superstar is hoping to catch a glimpse of president Barack Obama while he's in town, as well. "I've got my camera crew ready and everything," he says. And while the event isn't explicitly tied to voting, Flo Rida hopes his influence will help America's youth turn out to the voting booths.

"I definitely want the kids to realize how important voting is and I realize that I have a great influence on a lot of our youth, so I'll definitely take the responsibility in promoting voting," he says.

It's worth noting that while heavily backed by the first lady, Got Your 6 is hosting nonpartisan events at both conventions -- with Sara Evans having performed in Tampa, Fla. during the Republican National Convention. By doing so, Chris Marvin, managing director of Got Your 6, says that the organization has been able to "spread our campaign and advance the work of our many partners during this election cycle."

"As military veterans return home, Got Your 6 will ensure that they are viewed as leaders who can reinvigorate their communities," Marvin tells THR. "Got Your 6 and our partners are thrilled to have such talented musical guests and hosts to help support the movement."

The event is slated for Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.