Float your boat


The green carpet at Universal's premiere of "Evan Almighty," held Sunday at the Gibson Amphitheatre, played host to a number of Hollywood bold-faced names including the film's Steve Carell and Lauren Graham and guests Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy. Following the screening, Universal CityWalk was transformed into a carnival where guests were encouraged to plant virtual trees in the "Almighty Forest," echoing the green spirit of the Noah's ark-themed, eco-friendly production. "It was important to walk the talk," producer Michael Bostick said. So, if the cast and filmmakers were trapped on an ark with animals packed in two by two, what would they pack? The film's director, Tom Shadyac, wished for Ben & Jerry's Hot Fudge and Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays, while the film's Wanda Sykes took a more practical approach: "If the animals are going to be on, a lot of deodorizer, a lot of scented candles. It was really ripe on that ark!"
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