Floods in Eastern Europe Don't Disrupt Film Productions

The industry soldiers on, with the Prague shoot of "Child 44," co-produced by Ridley Scott, not affected to date.

MOSCOW -- Heavy flooding in central Europe, where the Czech capital Prague is on red alert for the river Vltava to burst its banks, has not so far caused any problems for the film industry.

Matthew Stillman, head of Stillking Films, the Barrandov-based production and services company, said Daniel Espinosa's wartime thriller Child 44 – set in Stalinist Russia and co-produced by Ridley Scott's company, Scott Free Productions, was unaffected.

Child 44 OK!” Stillman quipped when asked if the floods had affected production, adding: “Not yet.”

Producers in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary concurred that despite the fact that many communities were flooded and the river Danube was dangerously high, movie-making was not under any imminent threat.