Florence Mayor Bans MTV From Filming 'Jersey Shore' Stars Boozing in Public

Courtesy of MTV Networks

As the show shoots its fourth season in Italy, Matteo Renzi says the cast also will not be allowed to shoot inside historical buildings.

ROME – The mayor of Florence, Italy has issued a series of rules he says should be respected when Jersey Shore starts filing its fourth season there – with strict prohibitions against promoting the city as a drinking town.

According to the Italian press, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said that the cast members of the MTV program will not be allowed to be filmed drinking in public, or spending time in bars or clubs that serve alcohol, that the show should not depict Florence as a drinking town, and that it should emphasize the city’s history of culture and good food.
Additionally, the cast will not be allowed to film inside historical buildings, though it will not be blocked from using outdoor scenes in Florence as a backdrop. 
Renzi’s rules come on the heels of protests from Italian-American groups and some Italian editorialists, who said that the program promotes a negative cliché of Italians.