Florence Welch Carries the Prada "It" Bag of Summer

Florence Welch Prada Bag - P 2012

Florence Welch Prada Bag - P 2012

Europe's pop fashion queen knows all the good stuff -- but one of the ways it gets the "good" imprimatur is by her wearing it.

She wears couture during the day. She loves the most exotic bat-wing sleeved gowns from Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. In fact, all the things that everyone's afraid to wear -- except for Beyonce and Rihanna, who are fashion fearless -- Florence Welch embraces and makes her own. She's not just the modern Stevie Nicks; she's the modern Siouxsie Soux, Debbie Harry, Stevie and Maria Callas, all rolled into one. 

So when the Florence + The Machine singer is carrying a bag for daytime, and it's not about a red carpet, you know it's a chic one, beautifully designed and full-on aesthetic. Here she's got the hot bag of summer -- the "It" bag, if you will -- which we saw all over Milan: Prada's Pyramide tote in yellow Vernis saffiano, which means "patent leather." The bag comes in a gorgeous red, in black and white, and a beautiful sky light blue and a great leaf green. 

And while it is "of the moment" or "de la mode," as they say, this is Prada's answer to the Birkin -- a new classic, large bag that can hold anything, day or night. It joins the ranks of the Birkin, the Balenciaga biker bag, an LV Speedy and the classic Chanel chainbag as a new icon, and will turn it for fall in new colors and textures, even studded and beaded.