Florida Disqualifies Christian Slater's Election Day Vote

Christian Slater (Caleb Thompson)
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actor played Caleb Thompson in 1986. Two years later, he became a star with his role in Heathers, and went on makes films like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Interview with the Vampire, Pump Up the Volume, and True Romance. Slater is now the lead on the Fox comedy Breaking In.

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The actor posted a letter on Twitter from Miami-Dade County saying the provisional ballot he filled out had been rejected.

Christian Slater, who chronicled on Twitter his hours-long wait to vote in Florida on Election Day, took to the social media platform Friday to reveal the ballot he’d cast was rejected.

Slater posted a letter on Twitter from Miami-Dade County, which said the provisional ballot he’d cast had not been counted because the signature on the ballot did not match the one on his voter registration records. The letter was addressed to Christina D. Slater — an apparent misspelling of his name.

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Slater deleted the photo of the letter and an accompanying tweet claiming he'd waited in line for five hours on Election Day, but he later re-posted the photo.

Slater may have filled out a provisional ballot, which is given to voters with ID or registration problems and later examined by election officials to determine if it will be counted, because of a registration mishap. On Election Day, Slater tweeted from the polls that the DMV had failed to register him to vote even though he'd requested it when he got his new driver's license. (See his full Election Day tweets below.)

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Other voters in Florida reported long lines at the polls, and the state was slammed for  Republican-backed legislation lowering the number of days allocated for advance voting, which critics said was done to suppress voter turnout. The former chair of the Florida Republican Party said this week that Republicans feared early voting would be bad for their party, because it tends to work in favor of Democratic candidates.