Florida heads north for Banff keynote


TORONTO -- The global competition for creative talent among Los Angeles and other international film and TV hubs will figure large when urban theorist Richard Florida addresses the Banff World Television Festival in June, organizers said Tuesday.

Florida, best known for his theories on urban regeneration that emphasize the importance of high-quality workers and artists rather than sports stadiums and shopping centers, will deliver the CBC/Radio Canada opening keynote speech June 8.

"(Florida's) innovative theories about the practical role played by the creative community, particularly as it relates to the economic development of this country, will be both timely and highly relevant to Banff attendees," said Richard Stursberg, executive vp English services for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Florida is a professor at the University of Toronto and penned the social theory bestsellers "The Rise of the Creative Class" and "The Flight of the Creative Class."