Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Launching What?

Floyd Mayweather - Getty - H 2016
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Today's celebrity branding news has us scratching our heads.

When we heard that Floyd Mayweather Jr. — undefeated boxing champion, father of four and a man who prefers to take his cat naps on stacks of cash — was launching a new product line, we expected something along the lines of a sportswear collaboration, or perhaps a brand of protein shakes. 

We were wrong. 

The 39-year-old revealed that his latest project is actually in the beauty sphere. So, we thought, maybe he's launching a men's skincare collection a la Rob Lowe or Ryan Seacrest?

Wrong again.

It appears that Mayweather's true calling is more in line with Kylie Jenner's. That's to say, he's getting into the lipstick business. That's right, the boxing champ is becoming a makeup mogul with his new beauty brand, Bad Medina Cosmetics. 

"I want to formally introduce you to the 'Bad Medina Cosmetics' line," wrote the boxer, who is currently in Rio de Janeiro to support Team USA, in a series of tweets on Monday afternoon. "This is a project that we've worked on tirelessly and although it has been long awaited on by many, we wanted to make sure we deliver products that are trial tested and far surpass the top of the line standards you are looking for."

The collection is a joint venture between Mayweather and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Doralie Medina, who goes by the handle @badmedina on social media. Medina herself is the face of the collection, which launched this week on BadMedina.com.

On the site, Medina writes that the products ($17-$25) — including all things lips (lipsticks, paints, liners, glosses) as well as shadows and blushes — have "Baddie Diamonds" added "to create a flawless finish for face and lip and help bring out the radiance and luminosity of your inner goddess."

Mayweather concludes: "Ladies treat yourself to something vibrant and different from the rest ... this is luxury at its best!"

We may have doubts about his beauty expertise, but when it comes to luxury, we trust that Mayweather knows what he's talking about.