Flycell calls on To for content


NEW YORK -- Tony To, veteran producer of longform HBO programs like "Band of Brothers," will be taking his work to the very small screen.

To will produce original mobile content for Flycell Prods., the newly formed entertainment division of Flycell Inc., a mobile content and application company.

Under the terms of the deal, Ensemble Development -- To's production company with Patrick Murray -- will develop five scripts for Flycell in 2007 that will be used as seven three-minute mobisodes.

Flycell CEO Alberto Montesi and executive vp entertainment Christian Jorg expect to see more concrete ideas from To within a month and are hopeful for content by year's end.

"This is a great opportunity to explore storytelling in a new medium through material developed specifically for the medium," To said. "We're excited to be working with Flycell and creative, forward-thinking writers interested in this rapidly expanding field of entertainment."

Montesi and Jorg promised to leave the creative process up to To and Ensemble Development. "We agreed on one thing," Montesi said. "We're open to try anything Tony To wants to try."

Flycell already has two made-for-mobile shows on a topical one featuring Mr. T and other celebrity puppets titled "The B-Team" and the public access spinoff show titled "The Jim & James Show." A comic book-inspired interactive animated series called "Time Slip" is in production, and Montesi and Jorg expect that subscribers will be able to download all of their original content to their phones within two to three months.

Flycell does not have deals with any cell phone carriers, but Montesi stressed that though the company is open to working with the carriers, it already can sell its content and applications to customers.

Along with the original content, Flycell also will relaunch its Web site in the spring. "When this is finished, I honestly believe we'll be two steps ahead of the competition," Montesi said.
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