Foiled Terrorist Plots Could Have an Unintended Victim: Our In-Flight Wifi

Cell phones, which could be used to detonate a bomb, may also be at risk.

While no one was hurt after the most recent bomb scares, an untold number of us may feel the pain if our hoped-for ability to use a Wi-Fi connection or make a cell phone call during a flight goes the way of the smoking section.

Last week, packages containing a powdered explosive packed in laser printer cartridges were set to blow up aboard aircraft headed to the U.K. and Dubai. Those responsible would have been able to phone or text in the explosion by connecting a cell phone to a detonation circuit.

According to the New Scientist: "Last week's discoveries cast doubt on the wisdom of in-flight communications, says explosives expert Roland Alford. Alford says he expects the technology to be scrutinized in the security reviews being undertaken by the U.K. government and US Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the discovery of the printer bombs."

Rather than sneak calls in the airplane bathroom, it looks like we may all have to try something brand reading a book.

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