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This Must-Follow Instagram Account Puts '90s Cartoon Characters in Runway Designs


Patti Mayonnaise in Delpozo? Daria in Marc Jacobs? Sold.

Listen up, fashion-savvy millennials, we've found the must-follow Instagram account for the perfect blend of '90s nostalgia and modern high fashion.

After all, if Vetements' fall collection — which featured collaborations with more than 18 different brands of yore, including Juicy Couture — taught us anything, it's that the desire for nostalgia is not a thing of the past. (And with all that's happening in the world in 2016, how can you blame us for pining for the simpler days of 2004, when Gilmore Girls peaked and Pokemon was but a trading-card game?)

The account belongs to L.A.-based illustrator George Hilton III (@_georg13), who has put his talents to good use by sketching images of our favorite '90s cartoon ladies — including Patti Mayonnaise (Doug), Daria Morgendorffer (Daria), Spinelli (Recess) and even Angelica Pickles' raggedy, balding doll, Cynthia (Rugrats) — wearing hot-off-the-runway looks from Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs and more.


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Though fashion month, which wrapped up on Wednesday, gave Hilton plenty of runway material to work with, his feed is also a gold mine of sketches of famous industry types, including Grace Coddington, Iris Apfel, Andre Leon Talley and the fictional Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada).

Pret-a-Reporter caught up with the artist to dig into his inspiration, his favorite collections of fashion month and his social media strategy.


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Pret-a-Reporter: Is fashion illustrating your full-time gig?
Yes it is! Well currently, I'm focusing on building my business as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist, however fashion illustration has been paying the bills! Plus, it's really fun!

How long have you been doing these cartoon/fashion illustrations?
I've been drawing my entire life. In some way, I've always illustrated fashion because I've been obsessed with fashion since I was a very young kid. My mom used to watch fashion shows [Behind the Velvet Ropes with Lauren Ezersky] on Saturday mornings, and I became very inspired by the runway coverage and the backstage interviews. The mashups of fashion week and '90s cartoon characters randomly came to me in a moment of "You know what would be dope?" and so I followed that.


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How do you choose the characters to draw? Are they just childhood favorites? Or do the women have specific traits you admire?
I choose them because they're badasses who I think are, in really odd ways, fashion icons. Jane [from Daria] and Daria in their minds are anti-fashion, which makes them "fashion" to me, while Patti Mayonnaise is the girl next door with a tomboy edge. These girls are everything, and they represent a cool generation of smart and clever girls who are very much themselves!


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I love your Cynthia drawings, and you seem to draw her pretty regularly. How did that start?
I randomly decided to draw Cynthia because I think, in some ways, she's kind of punk rock. So I thought, "Why not make her a fashion icon?" I loved creating a world where a chewed-up, balding rag doll could be put in Tom Ford or Celine and look incredibly fierce. I love how she looks so "over" everything, like she's much too busy to be at your show, to be photographed, to be just anywhere. I drew a picture of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath doing her makeup, and she was so ready to get out of Pat's chair! She's very busy — very!

Do you sell prints or originals?
Currently I don't sell prints [or] originals. Growing up, I never saw myself as a person who would sell art, however I'm open to the idea. I'm really focused on costume design and styling right now, so maybe this is something I get into in the near future. I'm really into walking before I run, so I would first start by linking up with a mentor, or a gallery even, to help me get my work out there. I'm kind of down to let the universe take the wheel.

Favorite collection of fashion month?
I like a ton of shows for different reasons, obviously. I love anything Delpozo, mainly for the color palette. Rodarte, obviously, and everything that Alessandro [Michele] is doing over at Gucci. Marc Jacobs, of course. I love Jeremy Scott; he's so much fun! How dope would it be if a Jeremy Scott-meets-my-Cynthia moment happened? Goals for sure! I'm obsessed with everything Vetements right now, such cool shit — I want it all!

Do you have a strategy for growing your social media following?
I don't, actually. I'm a believer in doing what you love and the rest will follow. I post my art because I get a kick out of some of the visions I have, and I think I should share them. I think it's important to me, as an artist, to express myself. My talent isn't something that I've paid for or downloaded; it's been given to me by the universe, and I think that it is my responsibility to share my gifts. I feel like if I strategized my social media, it would take away the authenticity of what I post, like basically the inspired art that I create wouldn't be genuine because it would come from strategy. I'm not into that. I like to do what feels right when it feels right!

This interview has been condensed and edited.


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