Foo Fighters Invite 10-Year-Old Fan Onstage, Wunderkind Steals Show

Foo Fighters Kid - H 2018

Frontman Dave Grohl was so impressed by the youth, he gave him his guitar after the song concluded.

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl on Friday night invited a 10-year-old fan up onstage during a concert — and the kid stole the show. 

While playing in Kansas City, Misssouri, the band had Collier Cash Rule come up onstage and asked him if he could play an instrument and, if so, did he know any songs. Boy, did he. 

Video posted online shows the wunderkind rocking with the band, playing some Metallica.

Grohl laughed at the song selection, but nonetheless, Foo Fighters played a cover of "Enter Sandman" with Rule on lead, playing Grohl's guitar. 

Grohl and the band were so impressed by Rule, he was given the guitar after the song concluded. 

Following the concert, Rule's mother told KMBC News in Kansas City that her son had been playing for about two years, and he practices every day before and after school.

Watch Rule rock out with the Foo Fighters, below.