'Footloose' Remake Earns Kevin Bacon's Seal of Approval

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for HFPA

The star of the 1984 original sounds off on the update and his Ren MacCormack replacement.

Kevin Bacon did not attend the premiere of Craig Brewer's Footloose remake, nor did he curl up on the couch and watch a screener. More then a week after it's release, he actually went to see a matinee at a Boston theater.

"F-Loose! Just saw it," the actor posted to Twitter on Sunday. "Congrats to Craig, Kenny, Julianne, Dennis, Andie, Miles, and the rest of the cast. U guys rocked it!"

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He even included a photograph of his ticket stub to prove his patronage.

Bacon played revolution-starting Ren MacCormack in the 1984 film about a town that bans dancing, so don't be surprised if Kenny Wormald, who took on Ren for the update, frames the official kudos.

And while Bacon may have only seen the film now, its recent release did have him talking about his experience on the original -- particularly his displeasure with the decision to use a dance double during one of the bigger scenes.

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“I was furious," Bacon said of being replaced in the warehouse scene. "It's like a starting pitcher getting taken out of a game – no one wants to be told they can't get the guy out."

After a week and a half in theaters, Footloose has grossed $30.8 million domestically.