'Footloose': What the Fans Are Saying

K.C. Bailey/Paramount Pictures.

Derek Hough, Damon Lindelof and other Twitter uses took to the site to discuss the remake of the 1984 dance-film, now starring Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald, hit theaters Friday.

Craig Brewer's remake of the 1984 cult classic starring Kevin Bacon, Footloose opened in wide release Friday. And already, fans, detractors, friends and family members of the stars Julianne Hough, Kenny Wormald and Dennis Quiad were commenting on Twitter. 

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"So proud of my Sister ... Footloose is finally out there . Check it out !!!! #proudbro" Hough's brother, and Dancing With the Stars pro, Derek Tweeted.

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Vampire Diaries executive producer, Julie Plec was on her way to the theaters Friday. ""Footloose" was the soundtrack of my 12 year-old life. Nostalgia trumps stress. Tonight I'm going to the movies."

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"Separately, I'm kinda ho-hum about FOOTLOOSE & THE THING remakes... but if they were re-imagined as a MASH-UP? I'm there.#ThatsNotRen," Once Upon a Time producer Damon Lindelof joked.

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Karah Miller was excited, saying, "I wanna see #footloose!"

"dear lord please.get me a country boy like the one in this footloose..........amen," Amanda Schaefer

"The footloose remake blew the original out of the water! Obessed with @juliannehough and Kenny," said Zach Johnson. 

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But, not everyone was so excited. 

"I'm totally OK with Kevin Bacon + Kenny Loggins killing those responsible for remaking #Footloose and turning it into Stomp 2," cracked Dennis Jenders.

Kimberly Boston recommended to others, saying, "Footloose was awesome... for a remake. Highly suggest you go and see it!"

Cheeseboy22 exclaimed, "I absolutely refuse to see a Footloose movie with no Bacon included!"

"Worst. Clearasil. Commercial. Ever. #footloose," sniped Dustin Rowles. 

"Whoever decided remaking Footloose was a good idea should have their birthday taken away," said Kellen James.

"People angry that "Footloose" is being remade probably need to admit to themselves that the first one shouldn't have been made either," Craig Calcaterra said.