Foreign Box Office: 'Resident Evil: Retribution' Repeats as No. 1 Overseas in Sluggish Session

"Ted" pushes past the $200 million mark; "Bourne Legacy" breaks $100 million.


In a somnolent weekend at the foreign box office, Resident Evil: Retribution again took the No. 1 spot by grossing $30.3 million – a 39% drop from its overseas opener last weekend -- at 7,691 venues in 70 markets.


The latest title in director-producer Paul W. S. Anderson’s action/sci-fi series starring Milla Jovovich has bagged an offshore total of $103.3 million so far, which already puts Retribution ahead of three of the four prior franchise titles released since 2002. Foreign box office champ remains 2010’s Resident Evil: Afterlife, which recorded$236.1 million.


Retributionopened strongly in Mexico, taking the No. 1 spot with $3.5 million at 1,359 playdates. Biggest holdover market was Japan where the weekend tally (down only 28% from the prior round) was $6.3 million at 775 sites for a market cume of $28.1 million.


A No. 1 Germany opening, handled by co-producer Constantin Film, registered $3.3 million at 475 sites. Russia delivered $3 million in the second weekend at 1,150 spots for a market cume of $13.4 million.


Retribution, being handled by Sony in most overseasmarkets ($99.2 million of the film’s cume comes from Sony-handled territories), opens this week in the U.K. and in Italy.


Ted, director Seth MacFarlane’s comedy-fantasy starring Mark Wahlberg, which pushed its international gross total to $202.9 million (with 12 territories still to play) thanks to a $9.4 million weekend at 2,731 locations in 44 markets. This is the third Universal title this year to gross more than $200 million on the foreign circuit.


A Brazil bow delivered $1.4 million at 273 sites. A second Mexico round jumped 7% yielding $2.2 million at 465 playdates for a 10-day market cume of $6.1 million. Ted opens in five markets this week including South Korea and Hong Kong.


The Bourne Legacy, co-starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton, broadened its run by five markets, and drew $8.7 million overall from 3,566 locations in 54 territories in all. The action sequel in Universal’s sixth title  to gross more than $100 million overseas this year ($102.6 million).


No. 1 Legacy debuts were recorded in France ($3.4 million at 523 venues), South Africa and French-speaking Switzerland. A No. 2 holdover in Germany came up with $1.5 million at 606 sites for an 11-day market cume of $4.5 million.


Disney’sBrave generated $5.7 million on the weekend from 55 territories. The Pixar animation title lifted its offshore cume to $274.4 million while its worldwide tally stands at $508 million.


After 16 rounds on the foreign circuit, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted has gross a total of $412.4 million.  On the weekend the DreamWorks Animation title distributed by Paramount registered $5 million at 1,962 venues in 36 markets. It opened No. 1 in New Zealand remained No. 1 in its second Australia session, grossing $2.7 million at 532 sites for a market cume of $7.9 million.


Fox’s Prometheus took in $3.99 million from 1,422 situations in four territories. Its fourth China round delivered $2.2 million of that weekend total from 800 sites. China cume stands at $32.6 million. Director Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/action title has amassed $272.5 million on the foreign circuit thus far.


After a $3.9 million weekend at 2,625 sites in 60 markets, Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises elevated its humongous foreign gross total to $623.8 million.  Top markets for the Christopher Nolan Batman sequel remain the U.K. (cume $87.6 million), China ($50.9 million) and Australia ($44 million).


Delivering $3.2 million from 1,994 playdates in 39 markets was Laika Entertainment’s ParaNorman, distributed offshore by Universal. Solid openings in Sweden, Poland and Denmark were augmented by the animation comedy’s No. 1 ranking in its second round in the U.K. ($2 million at 479 sites for a 10-day market cume of $4.8 million).  ParaNorman has grossed a total of $30 overseas so far.


The Watch, Fox’s sci-fi/comedy costarring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, grossed $2.69 million at 1,788 situations in 24 markets. A No. 3 second Australia stanza came up with $1.15 million from 252 locations for a market cume of $3.6 million. Foreign cume overall stands at $23.3 million.


Opening No. 2 in France was Wild Bunch Distribution’s release of Les Saveurs du Palais (Haute Cuisine), director Christian Vincent’s comedy starring Catherine Frot about a provincial cook’s trials as head chef at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Debut round at some 325 screens yielded $2 million.


Maintaining its top spot in Spain for the fourth consecutive round was Paramount’s release of Tad, the Lost Explorer, the latest installment in the Tadeo Jones animation series.  Weekend take was $1.76 million at 406 locations.  Market cume stands at $13.9 million. Tad also opened in South Korea via Sidus taking the No. 4 spot.


Taking second place in the U.K. was Entertainment Film’s release of Killing Them Softly, a crime thriller starring Brad Pitt as a hit man.  Opening round drew $1.55 million from 375 sites. Opening No. 3 in the same market was Momentum Pictures’ release of horror title The House At The End of the Street, which grossed $1.3 million at 370 locations.


Other international cumes:  Disney’s Finding Nemo 3D, $7.9 million; Fox’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, $66.5 million; Universal’s Savages, $9.4 million (after a $2.1 million weekend at 1,111 dates in 16 markets); Fox’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, $15.5 million (after a No. 4 opening in Australia for $1.15 million at 276 spots); Marvel/Disney’s The Avengers, $891 million; Fox’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, $684.4 million; Universal’s Anna Karenina, $6.3 million over 17 days in U.K. only; Fox’s Stefan Vs. Kramer, $11 million after eight weeks in Chile only.


Also, Sony’s Total Recall, $117.3 million; Focus Features’ To Rome With Love, $44.6 million; Sony’s Premium Rush, $5.1 million; Universal’s Safe House, $81.7 million; Fox’s Raaz 3D, $17.9 million; Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man, $490.1 million; and Focus Features’ Moonrise Kingdom, $18.1 million.