Angus T. Jones' Religious Mentor: Anti-Gay, Anti-Masturbation, Anti-Obama and Anti-Jay-Z

Christopher Hudson - P 2012
Forerunner Chronicles/Facebook

Christopher Hudson - P 2012

The man who appears in the video in which the "Two and a Half Men" star called his show "filth" has a long history and loyal following.

The emergence of Angus T. Jones' video testimonial for religious group the Forerunner Chronicles -- in which he trashed Two and a Half Men as "filth" and said he no longer wanted to act on the CBS sitcom -- came as a shock. But the man behind the Christian organization has long been at odds with Hollywood, pop culture and liberal America.

Christopher Hudson, who calls himself the Forerunner, is a Seventh-day Adventist who is famous for the fiery sermons he gives in YouTube videos. In 2009, he gained notice for publishing online a documentary called The Jay-Z Deception, in which he accused the rap star of being a Freemason who released his Blueprint albums to celebrate his journey up the ranks of the organization and his links with Satan. He also says Kanye West and Rihanna are part of the conspiracy.

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As Hudson alleged in an interview in 2009, Satan is "using mediums like the music and the fashion industry, which are enticing to us on a very base level, dealing with our senses to draw us out of a reasonable, rational relationship with God."

In The Jay-Z Deception, he says: "The Blueprint albums are markers in obtaining degrees in the secret organization known as the Freemasons." The 2001 first album, he alleged, marked Jay-Z's acceptance into the organization, while the second album a year later marked his step up in the group. He said the third album -- released seven years after The Blueprint 2 -- marked the rapper's obtaining of the Third Degree in the organization, which meant that he could lead lodge meetings.

Hudson was very much opposed to President Obama's re-election, and afterward posted a video urging supporters to open their eyes to the coming menaces of gay marriage, marijuana legalization and the damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

In 2011, he claimed that reports of the death of Osama bin Laden were part of a conspiracy and that the terrorist mastermind had been dead since 2007. In 2009, Hudson released a video in which he called masturbation an "unnatural act." In the video, called "Voice of a Prophesy," Jones said that he is still a virgin.

The actor described turning to religion during his parents' divorce, after experimenting with drugs.

"When I look back now, I see that … the enemy was trying to push me in a different direction," Jones said. "But God ... pulled me out right at the last second."

Hudson has also claimed that the death of Michael Jackson was a conspiracy, calling it a cover-up for the pope's proposing a "new world order." He said the pop star's July 7, 2009, memorial service was a distraction for Pope Benedict XVI's call -- in a document issued that same day -- for a global political body to help pull the world out of the economic crisis.