John Travolta, Tye Sheridan Have Tense Father-Son Moment in 'The Forger' Clip (Exclusive Video)

The art heist caper will be released on April 24.

When the world's premier forger of famous artwork, Raymond Cutter (John Travolta), strikes a deal with a dangerous crime syndicate to garner an early release from prison, he forges an alliance with his ill son, Will (Tye Sheridan), and father, Joseph (Christopher Plummer), to pull off the seemingly impossible task of stealing, forging and replacing a Claude Monet painting.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter premieres an exclusive look at The Forger.

The clip offers viewers insight into the relationship between Raymond and Will. After a meeting at what appears to be a doctor's office, the father-and-son pair walk back to their car, with Raymond imploring his son to imagine him as a genie and to ask him to grant any wish he can think of.

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A tense moment ensues as Will rebuffs his father, implying information about their past and Raymond's previous failures to come through on the promises he makes to his son. Bitingly, Will wishes that he didn't have cancer, leaving his father with no recourse as he climbs into the car sullenly.

Philip Martin directs The Forger, which is produced by Al Corley, Bart Rosenblatt, Eugene Musso and Rob Carliner.

The Forger opens in theaters and On Demand via Lionsgate on April 24.