Fortissimo Horror Film ‘Rigor Mortis’ Sells to Southeast Asia, Korea

"Rigor Mortis"

The directorial debut of Hong Kong singer-actor Juno Mak is billed as a revival of the popular 1980s Chinese vampire genre.

HONG KONG – Fortissimo Films' Rigor Mortis, the directorial debut of singer-actor Juno Mak, has made presales in Southeast Asia and Korea.

All rights for Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei have been sold to Scorpio East, while rights for Korea have been sold to Cinema du Manon. 

STORY: Hong Kong Filmart: Vampire Genre Gets Chinese Spin

The horror film, a reinterpretation of the Chinese vampire genre (known as "Geung Si") popular in the 1970s and '80s, will be distributed by Orange Sky Golden Harvest in Hong Kong.

Co-produced by Japanese horror icon Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge), Rigor Mortis is now in the final stages of postproduction. The film is targeted to be released during the Halloween slot in 2013, following a festival-circuit launch in the fall.

Set in a modern-day housing estate, the film stars Chinese vampire film veteran Chin Siu-ho as a has-been actor-turned-vampire hunter. Mak has deliberately reunited many of the surviving original castmembers from the Chinese vampire genre's golden age, such as the stars of the hit mid-'80s horror-comedy series Mr. Vampire