Four to a room with 'Bart'


William H. Macy, Cheryl Hines, Alia Shawkat and Steven Kaplan will star in Brian Hecker's coming-of-age comedy "Bart Got a Room" for Plum Pictures.

Kaplan will play Bart, a high school senior living in a Florida retirement community with bickering parents (Macy, Hines). The nerdy teen struggles to find a date to his prom with the help of his best friend (Shawkat).

Plum is producing "Bart" in association with Hart-Lunsford Pictures, Shrink Media, Basra Entertainment and Benedek Films. Principal photography begins this month in Florida.

Plum's Galt Niederhoffer, Celine Rattray and Daniela Taplin Lundberg will produce with Shrink's Jai Stefan and Basra's Tony Shawkat. Ed Hart, Bruce Lunsford, Pam Hirsch, Dina Burke, Stephen Benedek, Mario Fallone, Randy Simon and Michael LeFetra will executive produce.

Macy's credits include "Fargo" and "Wild Hogs." Hines, who recently appeared in "Waitress," co-starred with Shawkat on Fox's "Arrested Development." The film marks Kaplan's feature debut.