Four accept Bitterman's 'Job' offer


Ron Perlman, Taryn Manning, Joe Pantoliano and Patrick Flueger are starring in Shem Bitterman's darkly comic drama "The Job."

Bitterman is adapting his 1998 play about a hapless man named Bubba (Flueger) who is desperate to find a job and marry the woman he loves (Manning). A drifter (Perlman) hooks him up with a slick employment agent (Pantoliano), but after agreeing to the job, Bubba finds that he is in over his head.

Production on the film begins today in Detroit, making it one of the first films to take advantage of Michigan's new 40% refundable or transferable tax credit law.

"Job" is produced by Kiki Goshay, exec producer of the Melvin Van Peebles docu "How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy it)." (partialdiff)