Four Seasons Beverly Hills Debuts Wellness Rooms and Suites

Four Seasons - Wellness Room - Publicity -H 2017
Courtesy of Four Seasons

Dechlorinating showers, air purification systems and exclusive Deepak Chopra meditations are some of the amenities of the celeb-loved hotel’s new healthy hideaways.

Although Los Angeles is filled with ahead-of-the-curve wellness destinations that dole out impossible-to-pronounce cures, green beverages, surprisingly edible snacks, out-there teachings and wacky treatments, the city's luxury hotels don't tend to subscribe except in subtle nods to health fads (i.e. avocado toast, chia seeds in smoothies). But now the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is showing it's been paying attention. It's getting with the times, if you will.

The hotel — frequented by Sean Penn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Stone and Millie Bobby Brown — has just debuted seven new Wellness Rooms (including two suites) in partnership with wellness real estate firm Delos. The themed rooms aim to optimize and elevate guests' emotional and physical well being while they stay, and are part of a total room revamp that will see all 285 rooms and suites redone in an elegant old Hollywood style by April 2018.

The wood-floored fourth-level rooms and suites (rates start at $635/night) are adjacent to the spa and boast a potpourri of wellness-themed technology. When guests walk in, there is an exclusive meditation by Oprah's guru Deepak Chopra playing on the TV. The next thing they might notice is the air is far better — cleaner, fresher — than outside, thanks to a state-of-the-art air purification system that reduces allergens, toxins and microbes. The shower also features a dechlorinator that removes chlorine from water.

No simple on/off switches for the lights here. Circadian lighting controlled by a Mood Box simulates the color, temperature and intensity of natural outdoor light, promoting better energy during the day and better sleep by night. The daytime function emits a bright white light with a strong blue wave that is meant to suppress melatonin, keeping jet-lagged guests awake when they might be tempted to doze. Of course, there are yoga mats to use, too — by Alo Yoga — and insulated reusable water bottles and bags for sale, benefiting Global Green.

Four Seasons executive chef Byron Thomas crafted a special GO!Well in-room dining menu just for guests of the wellness rooms that was approved by the Cleveland Clinic, including poblano and portobello tacos, as well as avocado and pistachio dumplings. Addtionally the hotel offers guests of these rooms vegan treats such as chocolate avocado mousse with vegan brownie and avocado ice cream, and vegan vanilla ice cream with matcha tea and cotton candy. 

We know where we're booking our next staycation.