Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles Introduces a $1K "Liquid Surgery" Facial

Liquid Surgery Facial-Publicity-Getty-Jennifer Lopez-Inset-H 2019
Courtesy of Four Seasons; Inset: Getty Images

The pricey procedure is named after a serum by under-the-radar German skincare brand Medical Beauty Research that contains viper venom and real gold particles.

After completing a subtle makeover of its own, the newly refreshed spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills (where Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cindy Crawford are reportedly among the pampered guests) has debuted its most expensive treatment to date, a $1,000 Liquid Surgery Facial.

The reason for the hefty price tag is not because of high-tech equipment, but rather the use of one star product: Liquid Surgery Serum by Medical Beauty Research, a relatively under-the-radar German skincare brand.

This potent serum — which sells for more than $1,700 a bottle — contains a unique combination of synergistic active ingredients, most notably perfluorocarbon, a synthetic oxygen carrier that is used in hospitals as a hemoglobin replacement. When applied to the face, this “liquid oxygen,” as it is often called, allows for rapid cellular rejuvenation, supposedly decreasing the signs of aging by plumping and stimulating the skin.

Other notable ingredients include neuromuscular blocking compounds meant to reduce wrinkles with a Botox-like effect and synthetic peptides made from both the venom of a viper snake and actual gold particles.

According to Joanna Czech — the renowned Dallas-based esthetician whose clients include everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Winslet to Anna Wintour — it works. “MBR’s Liquid Surgery helps with the reduction of fresh stretch marks, scarring and some clients notice that their pores are smaller and their skin feels smoother after use,” says Czech, who sometimes incorporates the product into treatments of her own.

During the Four Seasons’ 120-minute facial, the skin is initially prepared and opened with an enzyme peel, before a generous portion of its namesake serum is applied. LED Light Therapy and a nourishing algae mask follow, before a second dollop of serum is applied during the final sealing of the skin.

Suggested as an alternative to going under the knife, the treatment is said to keep skin glowing for days and is ideal for a quick pick-me-up with little downtime. Or, you can always skip the spa and purchase the serum for yourself. “I do have a few clients who buy the product for their multiple homes,” says Czech, “so they are never without it.”

The products are also used in facials at the Peninsula Hotel's spa in New York.