Four Stylists, Four Covers

Mary Rozzi

Booking shoots is never easy, but when it came to photographing stylists and their star clients, actresses couldn't stop saying yes.

Editors here had an embarrassment of potential covers -- we couldn't pick just one, so we went with the four you see above. How to explain the celebrity loyalty? For an actress, a stylist sees her at her most vulnerable: undressed and stressed about the red carpet. Then again, best supporting actress nominee Jessica Chastain, whom photographer Mary Rozzi had 15 minutes to shoot in her Roosevelt Hotel room before she stepped onto the Oscar red carpet, was "calm and mellow," says Rozzi. "She said it was the best outfit, hair and makeup that she had ever had." Rozzi, who has shot for Vanity Fair and La Perla ads, also photographed Charlize Theron, a red-carpet icon, with stylist Leslie Fremar. "By Charlize's body language, she's very confident," recalls Rozzi. Yet the best photos ended up being of two friends, not glamazons: "Leslie was nervous and Charlize was saying, 'It's going to be fine, you're great, you're gorgeous.' " Photographer Joe Pugliese, who has shot numerous THR covers, captured the collaborative vibe between Katie Holmes and her stylist, Jeanne Yang. Says Pugliese, "They were definitely having a good time and comfortable sharing space." The space in question was their Holmes & Yang collection design studio: "a rooftop penthouse, like a New York fashion atelier." Pugliese's favorite part of the shoot occurred before he took a picture: "The first person I met was Suri, Katie's daughter, running out of the elevator with a stuffed animal bigger than her. That was definitely a nice moment."

Meet THR's Style Department

For this special issue, THR's style department made hundreds of calls, wrote thousands of words, produced 30 pages, 11 shoots, four covers -- all within three weeks. Says Carol McColgin, style editor, who produced "Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Stylists," which freelance editor Jeanie Pyun top-edited, "We shot Charlize Theron and Emma Stone on Friday before the Oscars, Sofia Vergara on Saturday, Jessica Chastain on Sunday and on Tuesday, Olivia Wilde -- so it was a little crazy." That's a circumstance senior writer Merle Ginsberg has become accustomed to while standing her ground on the red carpet -- she recounts her scuffles in this issue: "A good red-carpet war builds character." Degen Pener, THR's culture editor, filled in the rest, overseeing stories about Rachel Zoe, the evolution of men's style and Audrey Hepburn. But for this photo, he winged it. It was thrown together, he says, "on a day when I didn't wear a suit or bring a tie."