Fox Affiliate Reports 'President Obama Is Dead' Instead of Osama (Video)

Fox News: TV Still 'Obama Bin Laden' - 2011
Fox News

The network also flashes "Obama Bin Laden" across its news ticker.

A Fox News affiliate declared that President Barack Obama was dead and then flashed along their news scroll that "Obama Bin Laden" had died.

While reporting the breaking news Sunday that Bin Laden had been killed in a mansion outside Islamabad, the Fox affiliate said, "President Obama is in fact dead. I'm sorry, Osama Bin Laden."

The affiliate then flashed along its news scroll that "Obama Bin Laden" had been killed instead of Osama, and reported that the killing happened a week ago.

Fox News is often under fire for reporting along party lines.

In February, the network switched Gallup Poll numbers to make it appear that a majority of Americans were in favor of reducing collective bargaining rights of government workers, a Republican cause, which was false. In fact, 61 percent of Americans were against it.