Fox Animation, Blue Sky Adapting Princess and the Frog Tale 'Frogkisser!' (Exclusive)

FROGKISSER! Book Cover and Garth Nix Split - Publicity - H 2016
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The adaptation will be a live-action/animation hybrid based on Garth Nix's novel.

Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios are ready to kiss the frog.

The companies will produce a musical adaptation of Garth Nix's upcoming book Frogkisser!, a wry take on the princess kissing the frog-style fairy tale.

The film, a hybrid of live-action and animation, follows Princess Anya, who has the "unfortunate ability to break curses with a magic-assisted kiss," as she goes on the run after her stepmother's new husband takes over the kingdom. With an unexpected band of sidekicks including a loyal talking dog and a boy thief trapped in the body of a newt, she sets out on a life-changing quest.

Ralph Millero will oversee the project for the studio. The project comes on the heels of news that Twentieth Century Fox hired Nate Hopper earlier in September to spearhead a Fox Animation initiative to expand its portfolio to include what are being described as family hybrid movies. 

Nix's Frogkisser! will be published on February 28, 2017 via Scholastic in North America, and by Picadilly Press in the U.K. in the spring of 2017. Nix is best known for his fantasy novels, especially The Old Kingdom series. The prolific Australian novelist's other work includes The Seventh Tower series and The Keys to the Kingdom series.

Nix is repped by CAA and Jill Grinberg Literary Management.