Fox-Cablevision carriage dispute at standstill

NEW YORK -- Representatives of Cablevision Systems and News Corp./Fox met here Saturday afternoon, but didn't resolve their carriage fee dispute, instead agreeing to more talks.

The result: Cablevision customers will continue to see dark screens when trying to tune in to two News Corp. TV stations in New York and one in Philadelphia, as well as several cable networks.

Saturday's meetings took place over several hours starting at noon EST. They appeared not to have made material progress, but plan to meet again Sunday.

During the day, Fox content on and online video service Hulu was temporarily unavailable to some Cablevision customers before it got turned back on, according to MediaMemo

Both sides have argued that the other party wasn't negotiating in good faith and with a fair solution in mind.

"It is shameful for News Corp. to use Major League Baseball and NFL games to hold viewers hostage in order to extract tens of millions from Cablevision customers," a Cablevision spokesman said Saturday in reference to popular weekend programming on Fox.

News Corp./Fox has argued that Cablevision has focused more on getting the two parties into binding arbitration, which Fox rejects, than reaching a solution.

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