Fox is cooking up more 'Nightmares'


Good news for Gordon Ramsay fans: Fox has ordered another season of the internationally known chef's reality series "Kitchen Nightmares."

Ramsay will continue giving tough-love makeovers to restaurants in need next season as part of a renewal agreement with Granada America and A. Smith & Co.

The network also is expected to announce shortly that Ramsay's other series, "Hell's Kitchen," will return for a new season in the summer. "Kitchen" recently shot back-to-back fifth and sixth seasons. Fox will take the unprecedented step of airing two seasons back to back.

Combined with the new order of "Nightmares," there's a good chance fresh episodes of Ramsay's reality fare will continue airing regularly on the network through the end of next year.

"Kitchen" currently airs Thursday nights. (partialdiff)